Welcome to Bloomology Boutique

This sweet little shop of unique bows and fun floral felt blooms actually started on a whim when one very special little princess needed a floral crown. From there, my love for creative felt florals has just "bloomed".

I have a true passion for making the most perfect floral crown for your tiny sunkissed sweetheart, my soul sings as I craft up an epic one of a kind, everlasting bouquet for your nuptials.

For these reasons, Bloomology is not just my "shop", it's my dream come true. I do my best to make sure that shows in all of my work!

I'm so excited to work with you and make the perfect "bloom" to fulfill all your creative floral dreams!

Interested in learning more about blooms and getting to know myself and my team? Click here to learn more or join us in the Bloomology VIP facebook group!