About Us

Bloomology Boutique is a handmade shop based in Clearwater, FL. Each of our blooms is handmade and specifically crafted with love for your little sweetheart.

I'm Lauren, mama to the ultimate diva, and the one with the creativity that whips up all the florals 'round here. I am beyond obsessed with tacos, I'm guilty of occasionally oversharing and I often come up with pretty crazy ideas that sometimes cause trouble (think complicated DIY projects & odd recipes - I actually have a blog if you want to follow along with my nonsense). I also ask a lot of questions and I often apologize when not necessary - it's just who I am.

Bloomology Boutique - Handmade felt floral bows

I started Bloomology out of my own desire for a unique and special bow for my little love. I sought out to pair sleek sophistication with a hint of bohemian vibes, eclecticness with simplicity, I wanted to mix modern styles with classic materials, I wanted to fuse MAGIC with wonder. While these combinations aren't necessarily standard, I hope you see the beauty in every piece and recognize the effort and love I pour into every item I produce.

As you may have guessed, bloom isn't just about the hair bow to me... dare I say, Bloomology represents a part of her childhood and the MAGIC filled days that we are so very blessed to have together.

So the next time you're picking out a bloom for your babe and you get that little twinge of excitement... know that we all feel the same way and it's because it's so much more than a bloom. That bloom is just a reminder that these moments are fleeting and babies don't keep. So, soak it all in and keep on embracing the MAGIC. I'm right there with you, loving on my sweetheart, trying to do the same!